Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Tint Windows - Car Window Tinting

Ever wondered how you could tint your car windows? Tinting your own car windows can be easier then you think.

As with most things, if you do it yourself, the total costs are much lower then hiring a professional.

BUT - If it’s your first time trying DIY window tinting, take it slowly and be sure to get rid of any air bubbles, measure your templates out several times to remove the risk of human error and just be careful. It can be expensive to make mistakes.

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If you follow the listed steps below, you’ll learn how to tint your car windows.

How to Tint Window – Steps:

1. Gather everything you’ll need to successfully tint your cars window/s. Go here to get a list of “Window Tinting Equipment

2. Use your stenciling equipment to make a stencil of all of your cars windows. It is recommended that you get all of your templates done and out of the way, before moving onto sticking down any of the window tinting.

3. Your cars side windows need to be sprayed wit ha solution of soap and water.

4. Use a razor to remove any residue that may be left over.

5. A 4-inch squeegee can also be used to remove the residue. Using both the razor and squeegee methods would be recommended, but not necessary.

6. Now we need to apply the tint directly to the window. Be sure to leave roughly 1/4 to 1/16 inch from the edge (top edge), as this part of the window will get covered when the windows are rolled up and the door is closed.

7. Be sure to press the film right into the inner rubber seal of the cars window.

8. Using something such as a plastic spatula, or a card should be used to flatten out any air bubbles in the tint.

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9. To make sure that the film is cleanly stuck to the glass, you’ll need to use a hairdryer. You have to make sure that you dissipate all the water that could be left between the tinting film and the glass.

10. Next, tint the front windshield. Make sure to follow the above steps for the front windscreen as you did the side windows.

How to Tint Window – Rear Window:

11. Count each and every defroster heater line on your rear window.

12. Cut the rear windows film into the required number of strips so they are roughly the same size as the gaps between each defroster line (It’s important to over cut, rather then under cut. .we want some overlapping film. It’s easier to cut off overlapping film than it is to add to undercut areas.)

13. Place each of the cut tint film panels one over the other. Where the two panels over lap identifies the defroster heater lines.

14. Trim where the film overlaps the defroster lines.

15. Now just follow the other steps like you did when you tinted the other windows.

So now hopefully now I’ve answered your basic question of ‘How to Tint Windows’…

Please be careful though, measure everything out, be sure to follow all instructions and you can have your own cars windows tinted by this afternoon.

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